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Egilssel in Fell

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A combination of over 200,000 spruce, pine and cotton wood were planted at Egilssel in Fell during the summer of 2022. Vegetation was characterised by sparse loam and erosion, but with pockets of decently lush moorland. Part of the moorland in the planned planting area was omitted from the project due to its particularly high level of growth. The area is both wet and sparse, but with a wide distribution of pleasant cliffs, rocks, ponds and lakes. It will be interesting to see the many ecosystems working together in the coming years, and it is abundantly clear from the outset that Egilssel could become an exceptionally diverse outdoor recreation area. There are still 100,000 plants to be planted in the area, which will be carried out in the spring of 2023. Egilssel has been pre-registered into the Gold Standard programme and is planned to be added to the Arctic Afforestation programme in East Iceland, but the first project in that programme is taking place at Mýrar in Skriðdalur.


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Video of the area - Egilssel

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A video of Egilssel recorded for us by Svarmi


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Here you can view a 3D rendering of the area.

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Aðgerðir í loftslagsmálum

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