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Our journey

Iceland has put forward an ambitious action plan that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lay the foundation for carbon neutral status by 2040. Among the 50 steps planned for the next few years are the promotion of forestry, the promotion of soil conservation, and wetland restoration.

What do we do?

Founded in Egilsstaðir, Iceland in 2020, Yggdrasill Carbon (YGG) is a company that works in the nature of Iceland, developing climate projects that in turn provide verified carbon credits. One verified carbon credit is created when one tonne of carbon dioxide is either removed from the atmosphere or prevented from entering the atmosphere, a process which is measured using approved methods and thereby certified. For the time being, we're focused primarily on forest carbon sequestration, but alongside those projects, we're busy developing projects related to soil carbon sequestration and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through wetland restoration.


All YGG projects are subject to a certification process conducted by an independent body. Certification ensures that the level of carbon sequestration recorded in our projects corresponds to the amount of carbon needed for an established carbon offset, and makes sure that the whole process is thorough and transparent. Certification also requires extensive consultation, encourages critical thinking, emphasises quality over quantity, and ensures that every step forward is taken under the auspices of sustainability.

Extensive effects

Certification standards ensure that our projects do have a positive impact on the climate, but also on other factors. The positive by-products of our projects are varied, such as increased employment opportunities in rural areas and increased value creation that benefits society at large. Other positive effects are soil conservation, increased biodiversity on eroded land and more nutritious soil.


Our team

  • Björgvin Stefán Pétursson

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Hafliði Hörður Hafliðason

    Chief Financial Officer


  • Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir

    Project Manager - Certification


  • Ríkey Ásta Þorsteinsdóttir

    Project Manager


  • Valdimar Reynisson



  • Valeriya Ptyashko

    Project Manager - PR