Offsetting carbon responsibly
in the nature of Iceland

Certified carbon credits show precisely how effective environmental projects have been. In turn, these positive effects offset the carbon emissions of organizations and companies.

The road to carbon neutrality

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Why certification matters

Certified climate projects are a key component in the fight against climate change. Certification standards require regular measurements to be taken while ensuring visibility, transparency, consultation and quality work practices at every stage of a project. Independent certification confirms that a project has fulfilled all of the requirements necessary for the established standards. When certification has been awarded, a certified carbon credit will then be created - a real, measurable and permanent unit registered in a central database to ensure the transparency and visibility of a project's effectiveness.

How projects are formed

We work with landowners who allow us to conduct certified climate projects on their land. Before we get to work, a 50 year lease agreement is signed with the landowner for the contract area. The contracts have a 50-year duration due to the growth rates of Icelandic forests, as well as the requirements of the standards put in place for the projects.

In the case of new afforestation projects, the forest is fully owned by the landowner at the end of the lease term. The certified carbon credits created in the project are then divided between YGG and the landowner proportionate to how much each party contributed to the project.

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