Status updateYGG's First Year in Operation

Yggdrasill Carbon —— 18.01.2023

With the help of Svarmi, we started taking basic measurements of the areas we're working on. Measurements are taken by drones that scan the area and create a so-called Digital Twin of the area to keep a copy of how it was before we started. Digital Twins are an important part of confirming the projects' baseline.

We planted around 550,000 plants and have prepared for about 200,000 more. These preparations will continue until winter takes over.

Our projects are running on four different sites and we are keeping the projects in adherence to two different standards, the Icelandic Forest Service's Skógarkolefni and Gold Standard. The certification process is rigorous, time-consuming and educational.

We're aiming to have our first year operations sequester around 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere over the next 50 years.

We're also measuring the various positive effects our projects are having in line with the UN's Global Goals initiative.

About 30 people came to work on our projects this summer, which is equivalent to 10-12 work years - a fact we're very proud of.

We're continuing our development, and the preparations for next year are in full swing.

If you're a landowner and you're interested in our work, please do get in touch with us through our website.